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  1. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

    Pokemon Unvoiced As the threat of humans drew closer to his home, a young Lucario found it his duty to seek somewhere better for himself. But is everything going to be that easy...
  2. Kartik

    Resource Pokemon Unvoiced Resource Pack

    Kartik submitted a new resource: Pokemon Unvoiced Resource Pack - Overworld sprites and windowskins used in Pokemon Unvoiced. Read more about this resource...
  3. Kartik

    Resource Pokemon Battle UI

    Kartik submitted a new resource: Pokemon Battle UI - Custom Pokemon Battle UI Read more about this resource...
  4. Kartik

    Solved Help with Checking Switches in script editor

    So I created a note pad section in the pause menu (btw I am using dppt pause menu by marin) But how do I make it check if a global switch is on/off and then only display the text Thank you
  5. Kartik

    Solved A few text positioning errors

    So I used custom windowskins and battle icons but it is placing the text at weird positions now I would really appreciate if someone can tell me where i can correct the coordinates to fit correctly Along with these I also want to change the color which writes the pokemon name in battle i...
  6. Kartik

    Resource Pokemon Windowskins

    Kartik submitted a new resource: Pokemon Windowskins - Free to Use Custom Pokemon Windowskins Read more about this resource...
  7. Kartik

    Resource Pokemon OW Templates

    Kartik submitted a new resource: Pokemon OW Templates - Paste your accessories on the base and get your desired overworld sprite Read more about this resource...
  8. Kartik

    Recruiting Recruiting team members for Pokemon Legends Awakening

    Hi everyone, I want to recruit a team for my upcoming fan game Pokemon Legends Awakening I am using essentials v 17.2 and RMXP ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Story A kid in...
  9. Kartik

    Solved Error while changing pokemon in pokemon essentials v17.2

    In RMXP while using the debug mode when i try swapping a pokemon in a battle it gives an error.........Then resumes the battle but without the battler sprite and menu sprites instead Screenshot