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  1. Aldo!

    Pokémon Essentials v18 progress report

    How would the one-off animations be configured?
  2. Aldo!

    Fire-Type Emblem

    Yet another update. I have found a solution for the save bug ~ Click here to download the newer version!
  3. Aldo!

    Fire-Type Emblem Resources 2019-08-11

    Here's all graphics and music used in Fire-Type Emblem. Most are textures from Pokémon Black and White and character sets from Pokémon Conquest, if not all. All music is from Pokémon Conquest, save for the title music, which comes from Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia.
  4. Aldo!

    Resource Fire-Type Emblem Resources

    Aldo! submitted a new resource: Fire-Type Emblem Resources - Faces, charsets and some more game jam resources from Fire-Type Emblem. Read more about this resource...
  5. Aldo!

    Fire-Type Emblem

    Apologies for the oversights. I had not playtested the game properly. Found a couple more bugs on the remainder and missing graphics and uploaded a new version with fixes. Still haven't figured out the saving problem...
  6. Aldo!

    Fire-Type Emblem

    Fire-type Emblem A wanderer Zorua arrives into an unknown land where the strong Pokémon exploit the weak. By accidentally recovering a Riolu's stolen item, Zorua set a target onto their back, left to be chased by several Pokémon. A chance arises, as the only way for Zorua to regain piece, they...
  7. Aldo!

    Completed Pokémon Heritage

    Uploaded an .ogg audio folder. Hopefully that will solve your problem ~ I'll give a look to those when possible. Thanks for the heads up ~
  8. Aldo!

    Completed Pokémon Heritage

    That's the first I've heard of this. I may have an idea why though. Could you tell me if other fan games' music work and if you can play the audio files by themselves?
  9. Aldo!

    Completed Pokémon Heritage

    Pokémon Heritage This game was made for the PokéCommunity April Game Jam 2019 Plot In this tale inspired by the Mystery Dungeon series, become one between three rare Pokémon, and embark on a journey to discover your forgotten identity and save the world from a menacing egg thief plotting to...