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Better Unova backsprites (Gen 4 style)

Better Unova backsprites (Gen 4 style)

Better Unova backsprites (Gen 4 style)

The default Gen 5 backsprites in Essentials aren't proportionate but thankfully Dreadwing93 over at DeviantArt has remade them, shinies and all. The download is formatted for Essentials too so you only need to unzip the file and copy and paste the sprites into your battler's folder.​

Link to the folder
(Just click the download button on the right side of the page.​
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Must have for anyone using a Gen IV-looking screen and Gen V Pokémon.
Really useful, a lot of the backsprites in default essentials are a bit 'iffy' but this was a nice easy quick clean up. Something I recommend to everyone who is including gen 5 pokemon in their game. Thank you