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Gen VI Pokémon Overworlds

Gen VI Pokémon Overworlds 1.0

Generation VI Pokemon Overworld Sprites

They look pretty nice.


This is just a nice simple little pack that includes overworld graphics for all Gen VI Pokémon. The best part is that all the tedious work of formatting them for Essentials has been done, meaning that all you need to do it just add them to your project files.

This resources does not have the Gen VI PBS files nor any battle sprites for Gen VI Pokemon. Those you'll have to find on your own.


The installation is simple. Considering that all sprites are formatted and named for Essentials, you just need to unzip the folder and add the graphics into your games Graphics/Characters folder.

Additional Notes

This pack is currently lacking the sprites for the alternate forms of Vivillion, Flabebe, and Furfrou. Those will be added in a later update.

If you find anything that needs some fixin', let me know.



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Latest reviews

Handy! The Sprites Look AWESOME, Great for Anybody who want Gen 6 Pokemon roaming their World!
Awesome! I think you guys worked hard to made this perfect! I loved it!