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Item Maniac Plugin [Essentials v19.1] v1.1.0

This update increases the ease of customizability of the ItemManiac by having the quote and multiplier changes in the event creation itself rather than changing the script. This also allows multiple ItemManiacs in your game with different quotes and multipliers.

Here is an example of a new ItemManiac. Notice below the item list are three new parameters.
The 6 is the multiplier for this individual maniac
The first quote is the initiation quote by the maniac
The last quote is the exiting quote by the maniac


The maniac in use can be seen by these screenshots:
The initial quote

The selling multiplier is now 6x

The exiting quote

NOTE: The last three parameters in the event are optional! Leaving any of them out will restore that parameter to its default, but leave the remaining parameters as your custom values.

Example with just a custom multiplier

The final change in v1.1.0 is very minor, if the resulting price after using the multiplier is a float, an error will no longer be thrown. Rather, the resulting price will be rounded to the nearest integer.