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Rotation Battle 2021-09-23

Pokémon Essentials Version
v19.1 ✅
This script sets battle mode: rotation.
Look like this video -> Link

This script overwrites some defs. If you added new abilities, you need to check and read scripts to edit.
This script overwrites defs create battle, too. So, if you want to add some features like inverse battle, etc, you need to read and find # Rotate, this is new things I added.
So, you can copy or edit to compatible and after that, you can delete this file if you changed all in other files.
Beside that, I doesn't rewrite some defs (def has alias above) and I wrote new defs. These defs doesn't need to copy and don't touch, it's good idea if you don't know what you do.

How to use
Choose version to use.
Find in this link -> Link

Put Scripts in \Plugins\Rotation battle

How to use​

Before you set battle, you need to call: setBattleRule("rotationBattle")
This script uses keys O and P on keyboard. You can edit in file 6 - 1 - Fight menu.rb. Look at these lines:
  1. Input.triggerex?(:O)
  2. Input.triggerex?(:P)
You can modify position of pokemon in file 6 - 0 - Battle scene.rb. Look at this def def set_position_of_pokemon_rotate(onlyone=-1, showarr=false)
You can see # Player and # Opponent. The lines below is position of pokemons.

Some values you can use to edit this script​

In class PokeBattle_Battle, there are:
  1. rotate_player -> position of player's main pokemon
  2. rotate_opponent -> position of opponent's main pokemon
-> You can know this value @battle.something. So, you can check or edit like these forms:
  1. @battle.rotate_player
  2. @battle.rotate_opponent
$rotation -> Trigger to use this script, you can use it to check condition or whatever
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