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Trainer card - BW 2021-09-12

Pokémon Essentials Version
v19.1 ✅
I updated this script -> Link
You can see this script in video -> Link

In this version, I update and add new features:
  • Show leader each region (but each region need 8 leaders)
  • Auto scroll text (in case, you have long description)

How to use
Choose version to use.
Find in this link -> Link

Put Graphics in Graphics\Pictures\Trainer Card BW
Put Scripts in Plugins\Trainer card - BW

How to use​

You can add new region leader but you need to do:
  1. Look at file 0 - Set trainer.rb
You can see SET and you need to read comment line (line has #) to add right form.
You can see there are 8 lines. It's 8 leaders. So, if you has new region (here, it's 2 regions), you need to add 8 lines -> You have 16 lines
  1. Look at file graphics
  • File in folder TrainerCard
Look at these files:
  1. badges
  2. leaderfaces
  3. trainerbadges
You can see their name is name number.
Example: badges 0 -> It's badges you use in first region. So, the second is badges 1. The other is same.
  • File in folder Trainers
It's files that you set in file 0 - Set trainer.rb. You can add new or using same name. You can use multi frames (like example) or only one frame.
KleinStudio (orginal)
LackDeJurane/CharizardThree3 (update v.18)
First release
Last update
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I've always wanted a bw style trainer card! I can't believe I hadn't seen this before!