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7th Gen Pokemon Cries for Every Species

7th Gen Pokemon Cries for Every Species 1.0


Are you tired of listening to the remnants of past Pokémon games when you're trying to make something new and modern?

Well, look no further folks. I've compiled audio rips from Pokémon Sun and Moon taken from the Sounds Resource and renamed them all to function with Pokémon Essentials. This includes every Pokémon from generations 1 to 7.
Your players will no longer have to associate the low bit-rate sound of this:

With this:

This resource also includes cries for every official Mega Evolution.

Let me know if you decide to use these newer sounds.
I don't have to be credited, I'm just curious as to who else was looking for something like this.​
Random Talking Bush from The Sounds Resource: Ripping Audio
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Latest reviews

¡Thank you! Now all my Pokémon sounds good and perfect.
I love the fact that every cry sounds now like a cry and not like an old computer working or entering to internet. Or like a fax. Whatever, this is a perfect apport and I love the mega-cries. Sorry for my bad English, I talk Spanish.
My Pokémon no longer sound like they're in pain. 5 stars.
THANK YOU! THIS is what we all need for Fan Game Creation, you have done a service for the community, our Pikachus are supposed to yell "Pika!" instead of sounding like AOL starting up. lol thank you again and everyone download this so we can make our Fan Games sound the way they should be.