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Voltseon's Pause Menu

Voltseon's Pause Menu 1.7

  • Fixed menu crash in the Safari Zone
  • Fixed menu crash in Bug Catching Contest
  • Fixed small inconsistency in save screen
  • Fixed some menu options not setting the appropriate Menu flags
  • Fixed being able to Quit Game in the Safari Zone and Bug Catching Contest
  • Fixed small inconsistency in Debug menu theme changer
  • Fixed other add-on options being overwritten by this Plugin
Minor update:
  • Fixed the use item in field bug where the UI didn't disappear
v1.5 is here with some amazing fixes!

  • Icon size now doesn't require a fixed constant to be set in the config. The menu dynamically changes based on the image file (preferable to keep the icon sprite sizes consistent thoug
  • The Menu and the default HUD elements now scale based on screen size, to fill a larger/smaller area as neede
  • Fixed bug where the icons would be shifted if there were more than 10 options in the men
  • Fixed rounding error which caused janky motion when the menu has less than 7 option
  • Added HUD element to alert the player when a new quest is added (only works with Modern Quest System + UI by ThatWelshOne)
  • Changed "Pokemon" to "Pokémon"
  • Menu Hide animation won't play if the Menu is already hidden
  • Fixed the Pokemon Information Overlay not working at all
  • Added native compatibility for Quest UI and Encounter List UI by @ThatWelshOne_
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Updates are coming in hot! Thanks for the support on the Pause Menu! If you do find any more bugs, please report them in the discussion or send a dm to me or golisopod user.
  • Fixed bugs having to do with the player only having 1 menu entry
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to use key items
  • Added a check for whether you want to allow the player to change the menu theme from the options
  • Fixed positioning when less than 5 icons are onscreen
  • Fixed scrolling when less than 7 icons are onscreen
  • Fixed icon animation speed for Pokemon being weird when scrolling
  • Added failsafe incase the folder defined by MENU_FILE_PATH doesn't exist
  • Added native compatibility for Encounter List by ThatWelshOne
  • Fixed the clock being stupid and not updating the time until the menu is closed and re-opened.
For those who had installed v1.1 for the first time without installing v1.0 were encountering crashes because of a folder rename. That has been fixed in the updated download file. You don't have to install v1.0 for v1.1 to work anymore and don't have to rename any folders.
v1.1 now works out of the box without crashing (I hope) :)
  • Bug and crash fixes:
    • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when opening the menu
    • Fixed a bug with eggs displaying on the menu
  • Made it so you can change the theme from the options menu