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Basic Outdoor Tileset 1.1

This tileset was used by me in the Iron Mapper trials and I thought it had to be made public but that was just me mixing up the requirements/rules of the Iron Mapper and the Game Jam. So I guess this is me 'deciding' to post this tileset to the public. This tileset is an outdoor tileset but can be used for other means should you have them, this tileset has the basic tiles for a regular standardized outdoor map and fits most of the requirements for a general outdoor tileset. Have fun with it and create what ever your heart desires.
I made this tileset pretty quickly and it was kinda rushed so in my attempt to get the tileset done quickly I may have missed someone, please alert me if this is true. Thanks :)

Pyromatical - Compiling and editing EvoLina Tiles.
EvoLina - Tile (There awesome btw, you should totally check them out.)
Dawn Bronze - House Tiles.
Zeo254 - Trees.
Me - Berries and editing tiles so they fit better.
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