Easy Questing Interface

Easy Questing Interface

Pokémon Essentials Version
v16.2 ➖
As you can probably tell by the title, I've made an easy-to-use - in my opinion - Questing Interface for Essentials. I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible in terms of creating quests, but you'll have to go into the scripts for that as the event page likes to break lines. I know you can work around this, but I thought doing it in the code would be better in the first place.

First of all, these download graphics and put them in Graphics/Pictures.

On to the scripting part: Two new functions for drawing text I didn't think came with Stock Essentials. These should go anywhere in the "DrawText" script. Click here for the script.

Now for the main script, you want to paste this whole script ABOVE THE PSCREEN SCRIPTS, NOT ABOVE MAIN!
Click here for the main script.

Last, I've set up a tutorial map on how to use this script. You can also have this interface accessible via the Pokegear if you want. Note: This is an interface script, not a system. This means the script doesn't complete the quest for you, but you can set them to completed with "pbSetQuest(id, true/false)" in an event or another script. Here is the actual map.

This script contains a bunch of handy things as you might see, that will make it very easy to check/change a quest. I'll explain those here.
- pbColor. This is a method that returns a color based on the parameter passed in (color). You can mix your own colors at this website. I use this myself too.

- QUESTS, line 71. This is where you create your quests. I chose to do this in the scripts because events break lines, which looks horrible in the description for the quest. You create a quest as follows:
Quest.new(id, name, description, npc, sprite, location, color, time, completed),
A more detailed explanation of this is at the top of the script.

- pbCompletedQuest?(id). You have to be able to check if a quest is completed or not. This method does that. If you want to test quest id 0 for if it's completed, you would do
This returns true if it's completed and false if it's not. If the quest doesn't exist or isn't yet given to the player, it will return false as well.

- pbAddQuest(id). This is a method that adds every quest with the id you give it. This is why you should never use duplicate IDs.

- pbDeleteQuest(id). This deletes every quest (from ongoing AND/OR completed) with the id you give it.

- pbSetQuest(id, completed). This sets every quest with the id you gave it to "true" or "false". completed should be true if you want it to be set to completed.
if you want it to be set to completed.

- pbSetQuestName(id, name). Sets every quest with the id you give it the name you give it.

- pbSetQuestDesc(id, desc). Almost same story as above.

- pbSetQuestNPC(id, npc). Almost same story as above.

- pbSetQuestNPCSprite(id, sprite). Almost same story as above.

- pbSetQuestLocation(id, location). Almost same story as above.

- pbSetQuestColor(id, color). Sets every quest with the id you give it to the color you give it. The color should be a Symbol (these start with ':'). If the color exists in "def pbColor", it will be set to that. If it doesn't, it'll be white. An example of this is:
pbSetQuestColor(0, :GREEN)

- pbQuestlog. The actual method for starting a quest log screen. You can put this anywhere you want: in the pokegear, in the overworld, on an item, etc.

For the Pokégear, you'll have to start off by creating a command for the questlog. This is done by putting this line:
along with the other @cmd's. Right underneath, you will have to give it a name. Do this by pasting this:
underneath. Questlog is the name of this command. The graphic for this button will go in Graphics/Pictures/pokegearQuestlog.
In the update_command method, add this somewhere:
	  if @cmdQuestlog>=0 && @sprites["command_window"].index==@cmdQuestlog

To make this work with Luka's Modular Pause Menu, you can simply use this template:
MenuHandlers.addEntry(:QUESTLOG,"Quest Log","menuSave",proc{|menu|
  },proc{ return true })
The graphic will be the Save menu's graphic. Change this by changing the "menuSave" into whatever icon in Graphics/Icons.
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Does its job really well and is extremely easy to use (implementing new quests is a breeze). Also, in case you are unaware of this, I can confirm that it does indeed work on version 17.2 of Essentials. Haven't encountered any problem so far.
i like whats its going . . . but I install the UPI v2 from luka and its did say its for 16v-16.2v does it still work or you have to work it out. just saying. but overall I like how this is going
Nope, this is no longer supported. If you want to use it, it'll have to be v16 (unless it works on v17 without my knowledge)
Great one. Even tho it looks a little too futuristic for Pokémon in my opinion.
As mentioned, graphics are supposed to be changed. It’s a splice from the Pokégear.
Really awesome interface. It is pretty simple to use as provided.
it is a good feature the game needed that will keep the player on track of his or her gameplay, the more features the better, just my opinion. thanks a lot
The feature is easy to use and looks very polished. The given events on the map explain very well how to use this.