Super Sludge Islands Resource Pack

Super Sludge Islands Resource Pack 1.0

A complete pack of every added/custom thing in Super Sludge Islands!
Super Sludge Islands

made by | 👵👵👵

Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Flameguru, Poccil (Peter O.), Maruno

With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby, Marin, Boushy, MiDas Mike, Brother1440,
Near Fantastica, FL., PinkMan, Genzai Kawakami, Popper, help-14,
Rataime, IceGod64, SoundSpawn, Jacob O. Wobbrock, the__end,
KitsuneKouta, Venom12, Lisa Anthony, Wachunga, Luka S.J. and everyone else who helped out.

8-dir Movement Script | Paradog and Pia Carrot

Speedup Script | Marin

Luka's Scripting Utilites | Luka SJ

Ultimate Title Screen | Luka SJ

Advanced Map Transfers | Luka SJ

Super Mario World Sprite Rips | Barack Obama and Zanzio

Mario Maker Two Sprite Rips | Random Talking Bush

Undertale and Deltarune Sound Effects and Music | Toby Fox

Explosion sound effects from lego batman 1 | Pingus!

Radial Pause Menu | Yankas

NSMBW Background Sprite Rips | larsenv

Mid-battle Dialogue Script | Golisipod User

Mystery Dungeon Sprite Rip | redblueyellow

Game Jam Required Assets | Relic Castle

Summary Screens | Akizakura16

Mario 64 Hud rips | SuperInky

Most music | Khinsider

Kirby Amazing Mirror Animation Sprite Rip | Random Talking Bush

Mario sound effects | Deezer

The rest of the art was made by me
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