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BW Get Key Item update to v19.x + Bonus Icons

BW Get Key Item update to v19.x + Bonus Icons 2021-01-24

Pokémon Essentials Version
v19.1 ✅

Howdy comrades. This resource is the result of my personal quest to update to Essentials v18 or to create as many Gen V resources as possible. This time, I've managed to update to v18 the script Get Key Item by KleinStudio. I also took the opportunity to include 17 Key Item Icons of some key items from Essentials, such as the Super Rod, the Bicycle, the Town Map, etc.


Pokémon Essentials version 18 or above. Not tested in Essentials v17 or below.



Version 19.x Installation Instructions

Download the file BW Get Key Item.rar with the graphics and the plugin through the link below, extract the files and paste the folders Graphics and Plugins in your project main folder.

Individual Download

Version 19.x Use Instructions

To call the scene, use the command "pbGetKeyItem(:XXXX,Y)" without quotation, where X is the internal name of the item you're gonna give and Y is the quantity of items you're gonna give, if more than 1 item.

Ex: pbGetKeyItem(:BICYCLE,5)

The script will automatically play the animation displaying the icon defined in Graphics/Items/Key Items. If you want to display the bigger icon ( aka, à la Gen V style), you need to name the icon XXXXXX_key, where X is the default naming convention of Pokémon Essentials for icons.

Ex: POTION_key

You can also use "pbGetKeyItem("XXXXXX")", where X is the name of the image file of an item that's not defined in PBS Items.

Ex: pbGetKeyItem("itemDexMaleKey")

But this method will not show the "Get Item" message. Note that quotation inside the parentheses is necessary in order for the "fake item" to display.

Older Versions

Essentials v18.x Instructions

Put this script above Main. Download the file BW Get Key Item.rar through the link below and extract the files and paste the folder Graphics in your project main folder. Then, you must copy and paste the script BW Get Key Item above Main.

Individual Download

Further instructions are included within the script.


Pastebin link
If your use this resource, please credit it as BW Get Key Item.

Original version by KleinStudio

Updated Version for Essentials v18.x by DeepBlue PacificWaves
Updated Version for Essentials v19.x by Izanagi


Icons ripped by RedBlueYellow
DeepBlue PacificWaves
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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