OFFICIAL Gen 4 Day & Night Tones

OFFICIAL Gen 4 Day & Night Tones v1.0

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Official Gen 4 Day & Night Tones

** This resource is compatible with v17.2, v18.1, and v19.
When creating my Custom Gen 4 Tones, I did originally intend to recreate the Official day & night tones as faithfully as possible. I didn't like how they looked, so I never released them. I greatly admire fan games that attempt to be faithful to the original aesthetics of the main series games, so I figured I may as well release these.

These Tones attempt to translate the Official Day-Night Cycle within DPPt.

This resource features 8 unique tones, which are then smoothly transitioned by Essentials to a total of 16 tones.
They are not perfect, but they are accurate enough while maintaining visibility and staying unobtrusive.
The 12PM thru 3PM tones are at 0, which means it will show the tiles and sprites as they are naturally.
The tones are set in a way that accurately follows the Hourly Day-Night Cycle within DPPt.

Official Tones.gif

(Original GIF on the left belongs to Bulbapedia. My GIF on the right was created by turning a screenshot of DPPt into a tileset and then screenshotting Essentials' Hourly Tones. Due to GIF files having a limited palette, some tones may not appear perfectly, but are close enough to how you will see them in game.)

  • Download the .rb file using the Download button at the top-right of this page.
  • In your scripts, CTRL+SHIFT+F to find the HourlyTones array.
  • Replace the array with the contents of the .rb file.
Please credit VanillaSunshine or VanillaSunshine#7081 for this resource.

Please do not redistribute this resource anywhere.
If you'd like to share it, please link to its page from Relic Castle.
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Great resource! These official tones make fan games way more beautiful and faithful to the original games.