Showdown to Essentials Converter

Showdown to Essentials Converter

Showdown to Essentials Converter is a open-source software that is made by me to help my friend convert the format Pokemon Showdown uses into the format Pokemon Essentials uses. This program tries its best to take the format from showdown and convert it into a format that Pokemon Essentials can use, along side some quality of life improvements.

While yes, Pokemon Essentials does have a built in editor, I find it to be clunky and slow. I built this because my friend wanted to help build teams for my fan game. I also use it just to make teams as it is just easier for me.

Feel free to use this program if you want to make your own Pokemon Teams!

No credit is required.

However, if you modify this tool, please note that this tool uses the GNU GPL V3.0 License. That means you must provide a copy of the source code, and tell the user what changes you made to the program.
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    Minor fix: Bumped Lost Text character limit from 25 to 255
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    Fixed missing DEF tag (Found by @Snewper) Added ability to use custom Pokeball IDs (Request by...
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    I completely fixed the generator, and now it is extremely optimized. Please update to this...

Latest reviews

Excellent work!Just a suggestion,if it is possible to make the program directly read the team text exported from pokemon showdown?
I plan on making it to add on to the current trainers.txt file.
A very useful tool that I plan to use to define my trainers! The only real problem I seem to have is the fact it's missing the definitions for the Defense IV/EV in the v18 side, otherwise this would be perfect. If possible, a QoL suggestion could be to include a config file that the program can read if we have custom Pokeballs setup (i.e. GS Ball, etc.)?
Hi! I am glad you like Showdown to Essentials Converter :)
I'm sorry that you have an issue with the IVs and EVs. And I also see you have a suggestion.
If you would like, you can submit a bug report and feature request here:
When you are on that page, you can click new issue, to create a bug report, feature request, or just ask a question.
I hope you enjoy using this tool in the future :)