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Essentials PBS Editor Program v1.3

Now compatible with Pokémon Essentials v17:
  • Added the "Shape" field to the Pokémon editor
  • Fixed "editorinfo.txt is being used by another process" bug upon installation
Forms editor will come later.
Error messages in the Pokémon Editor now give the exact field/property that caused the error and the species. Other editors will behave the same way later on.
  • Recreated the Pokédex number editor (part of Pokémon editor). Sorting options for this coming later. (v1.2.0 had this same pokedex editor, but it was very buggy).
  • On startup of the Pokémon editor, you'll see how long it took to load up. (Usually between 1 and 3 seconds.)
  • When generating of any kind with all Pokémon, you'll see the progress it's made at the top of the program.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
  • Added the encounter editor
  • Added the TM/HM/Tutor move editor
  • Pokémon Editor is now compatible with Kiedisticelixer's evolution move method
  • Due to an oversight on my part, I was forced to update again. If you managed to install v1.1.3 within these 8 minutes, please update.
  • Fixed a bug with IV/Happiness in the Trainer editor
  • Changed the default template for adding Pokémon in the Pokémon editor
  • Fixed a bug regarding error messages
  • Added a changelog on the main form which will always contain the information on the latest version (even if you're not on the actual latest version, so you can check what changed before updating)
  • Fixed a bug for loading the item editor when the first item doesn't have an icon.
  • Updated the documentation.
  • Fixed all known bugs in all editors
  • Changed the way error messages are displayed to be more descriptive and easier for me to figure out
  • Added tooltips for every single field in every single Editor
  • Changed the behavior of the forms so you can now have multiple Editors open
  • Added a Reload button in every Editor to reload all data it uses (the same as closing and opening again)
  • Added a sprite viewer with the option to animate and the framerate of which
  • Added the Item Editor, including the item icon
  • Added a Ctrl + F Internal Name finding function for every Editor
  • Patched and rewrote some messy stuff
  • Added an automatic updater