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Essentials PBS Editor Program v1.3

Fantastic program! I use it a lot for development of PKMN Nebula. A few bugs exist, but they have easy workarounds. (The bugs I speak of: Overwriting items does not work, Pokemon set to the 'Slow' experience gain group automatically get set to 'Fluctuating' for some reason, and the Items editor does not include Apricorns as a special type of item.)
Some of the features, such as updating, exporting, and overwriting files are not working. For example, when you try to overwrite abilities.txt, it is searching for abilitities.txt, which is an errata in the program. In addition, the items are not exporting or overwriting. I spent a couple of hours on the items bit and found out after that none of my edits were done. Very disappointed about this but still is a good tool.
It's very good! Thank you Marin! that's great job!
This have helped me so much in creating my project.
i will DEFINITELY be using this to edit my PBS Files, it seems like an easy way to edit without messing everything up in the process. lol
Friendly UI editor for the people who are new or lazy to make change in text files.
Amazing Program, M3rein! This makes the PBS Editing much easier since dealing with all those text made my eyes gloomy! This is very helpful and neat!
I this amazing and super simple to use. The only thing is that it seems to not work along with the gen 6 PBS
It definitely should. What's your error? (It's built to work with fully custom PBS as well, but breaks if there's an error)
Well done, I'm blown away! This will make editing so much easier. There is one thing I would like to see, and that is the option to create a new Pokemon in the Pokemon Editor. It's only a small thing, but it can help if there are heaps of new Fakemon being added to a game. Other than that, it's amazing.
That's possible (if everything is working) by clicking the add/remove button bottom left. Every editor should have this feature.
Pretty great, definitely really useful but lacking some kind of important features right now.
Could you specify what you'd like to see added? :)