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SOS Battles 2020-09-03

Pokémon Essentials Version
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This script adds in SOS Battles, the added mechanic from Alola, where Pokémon have a chance of calling for aid while in battle.
This version of the script does not implement special weather based encounters but does have a method that can be edited to do so.
The script also defines the manually used effect of the Adrenaline Orb item.

To use it, you must add species that are able to SOS call in the SOS_CALL_RATES hash. The key is the species symbol, and the value is the rate in percentage the mon will call at. AKA. :BULBASAUR=>100 is a valid entry

Optionally, you may add species to SOS_CALL_MONS, the species that the mon will call for. Add more entries of the same species to make them more likely. The Key is the species symbol, and the value is an array of species. AKA. :BULBASAUR=>[:BULBASAUR,:BULBASAUR,:BULBASAUR,:IVYSAUR,:IVYSAUR,:VENUSAUR] is a valid entry.
If you don't have an entry for a calling species, it will call another mon of the same species as itself.

To implement the doubled EV points in an SOS battle, there is an additional edit to def pbGainEVsOne in PokeBattle_Battle
    # Double EV gain because of Pokérus
    if pkmn.pokerusStage>=1   # Infected or cured
      evYield.collect! { |a| a*2 }
    if @sosbattle
      evYield.collect! { |a| a*2 }

If you wish to implement special called allies, edit the array returned by pbSpecialSOSMons. By default, it just passes through the regular array used. The method also takes the calling battler, if you wish to check its properties.

v17 version (no longer supported):
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