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Technical Records 2020-09-03

Pokémon Essentials Version
v18 ➖
This script adds in Technical Records, the replacement to consumable TMs that also have the ability to allow a mon to relearn the move at a Move Relearner if they forget it.
Also adds in the system for Technical Records using the icon of the move type much like TMs.

To use it, you must create a new item much like you would a TM or HM, but give it Item Usage 6 (if 6 is already used by some other script, you must edit pbIsTechnicalRecord? and pbIsMachine? to use a different number)
To use the type based icons, name the icon "itemRecordX", where X is either the internal name of the type, or the 3 digit padded type number. AKA. Either NORMAL or 000 will work for X

You really should set INFINITETMS to true to get the most out of this script but it's not a requirement at all.

v17 version (not supported):
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  1. v18 Compatible

    The script has been updated to work with v18 The v17 version is no longer supported: