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Klein's Secret Bases 2020-08-13

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ➖
This is Klein's Secret base script updated to work with v17 as well as simplified. Now the script uses template maps that are cloned onto the dummy map as a base for the base.

The download contains all the graphics used for the base, items and scripts, the tileset data as edited off a clean essentials project (you'll have to copy tileset 23 over into your project manually if you aren't using the default tilesets) as well as Map 33, the Items map, and maps 32, 42, and 48, three example template maps.

* Creating the secret base map
  - Create a blank map with the Secret base tileset
  - Set SECRETBASEMAP to the blank map id
  - Create template maps that contain 2 events
    * an event with the name DOOR that has "pbExitBase"
       as the only script command
    * an event with a blank first page, and a second page with a script
       command of "pbSecretBasePC" and a switch condition named "s:pbIsMyBase?"
    * See the contained base map templates
    * Holes must be on the second layer

* Creating the entrance for a secret base
  - Event for entrance needs to be called SecretBase(X,Y),
     where X is the id of the base (not map, just identification)
     and Y is the template name (see SECRETBASETEMPLATES's keys)
    * so a base event can be called SecretBase(1,treeSquare), and
       the secret base will load map 32 as a base for the SECRETBASEMAP

* Creating a mart for base items
  - Call pbSecretBaseMart(stock,speech=nil).
    * stock is an array of secret base item names
      ["Brick Desk","Big Plant"] is a valid stock.
      Alternatively, you can use one of methods to get all items of a
      particular type.
       - getAllDesks
       - getAllChairs
       - getAllPosters
       - getAllPlants
       - getAllMats
       - getAllOrnaments
       - getAllDolls
       - getAllCushions

* Creating a locator NPC
  - pbGetBaseLocation(mapname=-1,mapid=-1)
     * Sets game variables mapname and mapid to the map name and mapid
        the secret base is located on.
* Gifting a Base Item
  - pbGetBaseItem(item)
    * item is the secret base item name, in quotes
      "Lapras Doll" is a valid item.
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Hello, any plans making this with Gen 4 style graphics? I would love to add this. Thanks for the awesome work!
Sorry, no plans on that. I don't really want to bundle assets that A) Weren't with the original kit, and B) may be of inconsistent quality.
You're free to compile your own tileset though, the script doesn't really care about that so long as you set the tile ids correctly in the config.