ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites

ALL Official Gen 4 Overworld Sprites v1.5

Amazing resource! Having all these sprites in one pack is a great help for everyone who uses Gen 4 sprites in their games.
This is awesome! Thank you so much for putting this together for us!!
It's remarkable how quickly and easily this is to get working perfect!
Incredible compilation of Gen IV sprites for anyone making a Gen IV game, can't recommend enough :)
I wished i found this one week earlier as i was making trainer classes with specific overworlds, haha! Great resource, 10/10, this type of sprites are easy to find, yet a time consuming pain to edit and format for essentials, a total life and time saver.
Those new OWs look so perfect! It drove me crazy to see when trainer sprites wouldn't match an OW, haha.
I can't believe this didn't exist before. It's such a staple resource for anyone making a game with Gen 4+ Trainer Classes. All OW seem perfectly aligned, no issues yet.