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DPPt Menu Frames v1.0

Have you noticed that the Menu Frames in your Options menu don't match up with the Speech Frames? Well, now you do, and it's never going to stop bothering you!

By default Essentials uses the HGSS WindowSkins for its Speech Frames options. Did you know that Essentials comes with DPPt WindowSkins too? They aren't accessible from the Options menu in default Essentials.

I decided to make custom Menu Frames to match the DPPt WindowSkins. Here are some examples:
(Maybe someday in the future I'll make Menu Frames for the default HGSS WindowSkins. Today isn't that day!)


These instructions are for Pokémon Essentials v17.2. If you are using an earlier version, these instructions may not work. I cannot provide support for earlier versions of Essentials.
** These instructions also work for Pokémon Essentials v18.

1.) Download the DPPt Menu Frames.zip using the Download button in the top-right corner.

2a.) Paste the images into your Graphics/Windowskins folder.
2b.) Override all files. (If you have any custom "choice #.png" files, back them up or install manually.)

3.) Inside your Scripts, locate the SpriteWindow script. Change Line 4 to TextSkinName = "speech dp 1"

** If you are using a custom Options Menu script, such as Mr. Gela's Alternative Options screen, apply the following steps to that script instead.

4.) Locate the PScreen_Options script. Find $SpeechFrames and replace the entire array with the following:
$SpeechFrames = [
  MessageConfig::TextSkinName, # Default: speech hgss 1
  "speech dp 2",
  "speech dp 3",
  "speech dp 4",
  "speech dp 5",
  "speech dp 6",
  "speech dp 7",
  "speech dp 8",
  "speech dp 9",
  "speech dp 10",
  "speech dp 11",
  "speech dp 12",
  "speech dp 13",
  "speech dp 14",
  "speech dp 15",
  "speech dp 16",
  "speech dp 17",
  "speech dp 18",
  "speech dp 19",
  "speech dp 20",
  "speech pl 1",
  "speech pl 2",
  "speech pl 3",
  "speech pl 4",
  "speech pl 5",
  "speech pl 6",
  "speech pl 7",
  "speech pl 8",
  "speech pl 9",
  "speech pl 10",
  "speech pl 11",
  "speech pl 12",
  "speech pl 13",
  "speech pl 14",
  "speech pl 15",
  "speech pl 16",
  "speech pl 17",
  "speech pl 18",
  "speech pl 19",
  "speech pl 20"

5.) In the same PScreen_Options script, find $TextFrames and replace the entire array with the following:

$TextFrames = [
  "Graphics/Windowskins/"+MessageConfig::ChoiceSkinName, # Default: choice 1
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 2",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 3",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 4",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 5",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 6",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 7",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 8",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 9",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 10",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 11",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 12",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 13",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 14",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 15",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 16",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 17",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 18",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 19",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 20",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 21",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 22",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 23",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 24",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 25",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 26",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 27",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 28",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 29",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 30",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 31",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 32",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 33",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 34",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 35",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 36",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 37",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 38",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 39",
  "Graphics/Windowskins/choice 40"

6.) Remember to Compile your project by holding CTRL when playtesting.

In your Options Menu, the Speech Frame and Menu Frame options should now both display 40 total choices. You can now make them match up.

** Note: Some Menu Frames do not tile properly, and thus will occasionally not meet the corners properly. I cannot avoid this without making the sides simple straight lines. If the errors are bothersome to you, you are free to edit the graphics how you see fit!
(This is most noticeable on Choice 33 and Choice 36.)

If you encounter any other problems or errors, please feel free to ping me in the Relic Castle Discord, DM me via my Discord account, or message me here on-site. Thank you for using my resource!
Please credit VanillaSunshine or Vanilla Sunshine#7081.
Please do not reupload or repost this resource. Instead, link to this post!
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