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Improved Gen 4 Font (Power Clear Regular)

Improved Gen 4 Font (Power Clear Regular) 1.0

Pokémon Essentials Version
What's this?
The default fonts that come with Essentials aren't completely accurate to the games (mostly in terms of character spacing), and I have modified the Generation 4 one, called Power Clear, in an attempt to make it as pixel-perfect as possible.

Show me the goods!

It's not particularly easy to notice, but many characters are a lot closer to the original font than before, something I think every game trying to mimic Gen 4 will appreciate in the long run.

Download from the link provided above.
Place inside the /Fonts/ folder in your Pokémon Essentials project. Overwrite when prompted.
Install the font (double-click the file).

When using this in Photoshop/GIMP/... the adecuate size (so the font doesn't seem blurry) is 13p.

Please credit if used to:

Peter O.
Mr. Gela

Please do not redistribute this anywhere resource anywhere else. If you wish to share this, link to this site.

Por favor da créditos si lo utilizas a:
Peter O.
Mr. Gela

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Mr. Gela
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