Seagallop (boat "cutscene")

Seagallop (boat "cutscene") 1.0

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A simple boat cutscene. Boat article.

Show me the goods!

Paste this Pastebin as a new script section above Main.
Update 1.1: Flipping is now supported. Use this one instead → Pastebin
Download the rar from either of the following mirrors and extract inside /Graphics/Pictures/. The files should then be inside a subfolder called "Seagallop".

Call using 'seaGallop' as a script call in an event, etc.

Please credit if used to:

Mr. Gela/theo#7722

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Por favor da créditos si lo utilizas a:
Mr. Gela/theo#7722

Por favor no redistribuyas este recurso en ningún otro lugar. Si quieres compartir esto, utiliza un enlace a este sitio.
Mr. Gela
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Latest updates

  1. Flipping

    Flipping is available now! To use the flipped animation, call 'seaGallop(true)' in a script...

Latest reviews

Really nice scene that adds a more authentic feeling to a fangame. Since I am a lacking programming skills, I was looking for it for a long time. It works perfectly fine and the graphics are easily exchangable for others to fit your game style. Keep up your cool ideas and great work!
Perfection. Only wish would be that it could be flipped easily, though it may be simple and I've missed it haha.
Mr. Gela
Mr. Gela
Posted an update so it's easily flippable. To use the flipped version (boat moves right to left) use the same script call, but add "true" as an argument → 'seaGallop(true)'. To use it without flipping, just keep using 'seaGallop' (no "false" argument required). Enjoy! <3