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Pokémon BW/BW2 OW Characters in Gen IV OW style

Pokémon BW/BW2 OW Characters in Gen IV OW style 1.0

Hello guys!
I'm sharing with you this pack with some OW character from the Gen V games in the Gen IV style.

These are the current characters that I've done:
Gen V Characters to Gen IV.png

(Note: I made a custom sprite for some characters like the Artist and the 2nd version of the Clerk who didn't had one)

The pack isn't complete, but I guess I made a good quantity of characters for you to use.
Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to credit me, DiegoWT!
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They look awesome! Thanks for sharing them (of course, I'll give you credits for them)

Do you have any plans on making gym leaders or elite 4? If you have, maybe my spriter can make one or two in the future. Cheers!
Don't worry! I'm already doing them by myself.