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Miscellaneous Fakemon Resources

Pokémon Essentials Version
Hey there! My name's Phoenixsong, fakemon are kind of my jam, and over time I've put together some resources on my fakedex website so that they might help other people. I figured it was about time I actually got around to mentioning them here!

Fakemon Resources

A selection of general resources that should be helpful to fakemon creators. The ones I think are of particular note for you guys are the Sugi-style tutorials and some of the other guides and tools, but it's also got a few suggestions for free art programs and the like. (Most of it is Sugi-oriented, sorry, because that's what I do and I'm not a spriter, but there is at least one spriting tutorial on there!) A bit shorter than I'd like at the moment, but I'll continue updating it as I discover and investigate more things.

Fakemon Concepts and Ideas

What it says on the tin! It's basically a huge list of animals, objects, occupations and more, sorted into categories that are hopefully pretty useful and intuitive. It's got literally hundreds of ideas on it, and many of them have links to images or more information, so give it a scroll through if you're in need of more inspiration!

Sugi-Style Coloring Tutorial Video
Several years ago I recorded a video of myself coloring and shading one of my fakemon, and giving spoken step-by-step details about what I was doing. I'd never recorded a video before, so please forgive any awkwardness, and it probably didn't need to be as long as it is. It's also kind of out of date at this point, as I've changed up my process a bit and don't generally do the main coloring work in Photoshop anymore. It should still be pretty useful, even if you're not using Photoshop, either, as the directions should be general enough to apply to GIMP, SAI, MediBang, FireAlpaca or whatever as long as you're familiar with where to find equivalent tools. Maybe I'll redo it one of these days, hm.

Fakemon Generator

The newest resource, this teensy little toy generates text descriptions of some interesting fakemon, including physical descriptions, colors, types, moves, abilities... lots of good stuff! It comes out a little something like this:

Fakemon Generator Results said:
A Steel-type fakemon that is based on a pizza. It is a large creature with a humming cry that is serpentine, has large spots, and its primary color is gray. It lives on rough terrain. Its abilities are Fur Coat and Synchronize, and its moveset includes Chip Away, Assurance and Stored Power.

A Dark/Water-type fakemon that is based on a velvet worm. It is a medium-sized creature with a singsong cry that has a head and legs but no arms, has a short neck, and its primary color is blue. It lives by the water's edge. Its abilities are Poison Heal and Gooey, and its moveset includes Fury Attack, Shadow Force and Thief.
Of course, being a random generator, the results will be kind of... silly... more often than not. You can always re-roll, cherry-pick the parts of the result that are workable, or run with the ridiculous stuff whole-hog for a just-for-fun creature design exercise. No matter what the output, it should still be a good way to get the juices flowing!

Creative Commons Fakemon

I suppose I should mention here that just about all of the fakemon, fake moves and fake abilities on the Phoenixdex (but not necessarily the regions, characters, items and other things!) are available for free use under Creative Commons, so you are actually welcome to use those directly in your games and projects as well! That said, I think a lot of you here are the sorts who would prefer creating your own fakemon from scratch, and since I love to encourage other fakemon creators I figured it'd be better to focus this post on that sort of thing. :B But hey, they're there if you want! oh god I need to update a lot of the art though please don't use anything ugly until I can fix it

At any rate, I hope at least some of this is helpful to you fakemon fans out there! I've got other stuff in store, including some tutorials that go into detail about certain parts of fakemon creation (e.g., how to choose appropriate moves or abilities), which I'll also link to here when I've finished them. If you're aware of any other cool resources or tutorials, feel free to wing 'em my way so I can add them to the lists!

Happy fakemaking!
Credit is required if:
--you are actually using one of the fakemon, moves, abilities, etc. marked as Creative Commons on the Phoenixdex. You are permitted to redesign or make other changes to fakemon, moves, abilities, etc., as stated in the Creative Commons license, but you must still credit Phoenixsong as the original creator.

Credit is not required if:
--you use any Phoenixdex resources that help you create your own fakemon, such as the Fakemon Generator or the huge list of concepts. The resources I've created are just to give you a head start—any ideas you come up with are still your own!

Please be sure to read and follow any credit requirements on resources made by other authors. Other people may want credit if you use their resources (for example, one of the linked tutorials), so please keep an eye out for that and respect it when using a resource linked above.
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While not in actuality a Downloadable Resource, i felt it was appropriate to give this a rating as it helps out all Fakemon enthusiasts, like myself. :)