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Pokémon Daycare Resource Pack

Pokémon Daycare Resource Pack 2019-07-16

This pack contains the audio (Base essentials sound effects + Music by Eric Matyas and XYORAS Cries by ShinxHero) as well as the graphics, mostly overworld sprites and tiles, for Pokémon Daycare.
ShinxHero's Pokemon XYORAS Cries

Music by Eric Matyas

Gen VI Overworlds


-Formatted by Sparta
GenI-V Overworlds


Tiles by Rekman, princess-phoenix, Magiscarf, and Kyle-Dove (With small edits and stuff by Me!)
Trainer OW sprites: Dewitty, Bulbapedia.Bulbagarden.net, Nintendo, Chocosrawloid, Kymotonian, milomilotic11, and Neo-Spriteman

I made:
-The pokemon egg
-Orange kickball
-Player Characters
-Birdkeepers (M/F)
-Pokémon Rangers (M/F)
-The mart screen UI, but the wood pattern was lifted from Rekman's tiles
-The watch that sits on the inventory screen, but not the numbers
-The intro/credits background, but it's literally just a couple of overlaid green circles.
I edited:
-The interior doorway, combining a Magiscarf doorway with the style of the door by princess-phoenix
-The exterior of the Daycare, by using the Pink Magiscarf house as a base to resize the Rustic Magiscarf house.
-The phone, editing it from the default Essentials tiles.
-The flower tiles, but it's just a recolour of Kyle-Dove's tile.
-The inventory screen, with exception to the watch, the background and numbers are from Platinum, though I did clean up the journal and recoloured it.
-The "Press Start", to remove the black background and shuffle it over a tad to the left.
I formatted:
-Aroma Lady
-Black Belt (DPPt)
-Female DPPt Ace Trainer (Not Snow)
-Youngster (DPPt)
-Lass (DPPt)
-Vivillon, Flabebe line, Furfrou alt sprites (princess-pheonix & LunarDusk6 made the originals, so you better credit them!)
-The book tile (DPPt)
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