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Character Customization Resources (Gen 4)

Character Customization Resources (Gen 4) 1.0

You're a life-saver! It's so hard to find Gen 4 resources and this one just has so much. Thank you!
This is perfect for someone who's trying to make a game and is not good at making sprites, thanks a lot for this!
I love how customisable they are! It was super easy to mix and recolor them when making my own sprite. (which has far more quality now than what I had done before)

Keep up your great work!
Great job with the resources, saw this on pokecommunity with an accompanying script for player clothing but it's too bad there isn't a demo for that.
Ah, sorry. I only know how to make graphics ^^'
As someone who's trying to have custom sprites for their game but isn't good at making sprites from scratch, this is perfect!
A really delightful resource! Makes it really easy to get into character design, especially for people who aren't great at pixel art. But even pros should check out the selection-there's tons of potential inspiration!