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Mass Picture Recolorer

Pokémon Essentials Version
It's a python 2 script, that uses ImageMagick from the command line to recolor all images in a folder that do not start with "clut". It uses a Color Look Up Table to turn this:

Into this:

Using this:

Don't let the 4 colors fool you though, as you can do all sorts of weird stuff with it.

The left most part of the CLUT is the black replacement, while the right part is white replacement. It doesn't do so well when there's colored transparency, so you may need to give the sprites a once over to remove the background after the fact.

You have to install ImageMagick and add it to the PATH to use this script.

The script overwrites your sprites, make a back up!

So, the script itself is here:
import os
for file in os.listdir("."):
    if not file.startswith("clut"):
        os.system('magick ( %s -colorspace gray -channel RGB )  clut.png -clut %s' % (file,file))
Save it as clut.py, it has to start with clut. Stick that and your Color Look Up Table image, called clut.png in a folder with your sprites and double click to run. It's kind of slow though, you can really watch each and every sprite get replaced.

It's just a small script, made it in February-ish, because the built in batch editor for ImageMagick, mogrify, was giving me problems.
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So nice idea I like this, Thank you so much, I like this because I need some new features to my Project, This Mass Picture is needful who are making some new sprites