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RubyHost in English 1.0

Pokémon Essentials Version
RubyHost in English for PSDK
RubyHost is used to edit information in PSDK, there was an English version before but there was still a lot of French left in, so I went through and translated quite a bit.

If I missed anything, feel free to report it and I'll try to fix it soon. :)

RubyHost features:
  • Edit Pokémon
  • Edit moves
  • Edit items
  • Edit types
  • Edit wild encounters
  • Edit quests
  • Edit map connections/links
  • Edit zones
  • Edit trainers
  • Edit text
  • Auto-update abilities
No credits required.
Likes: Nuri Yuri
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Latest updates

  1. Update #1

    translated some more text, added buttons to easily edit the zone name and the trainer class...