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Hi all! I was surprised that no one took the liberty to make Rotom Pokedex UI graphics, so I've decided to make my own. I based it off stock images from Serebii. Credit would be amazing.

I have zipped a folder containing:

1.BG with the abstact blue stripe
2.Rotom Dex overlay with a transparent middle
3. Drowsy eyes overlay
4. Closed eyes overlay
5. Grin Overlay
6. Slight Forwn Overlay
7. Talking mouth
8. Smiling mouth overlay
9. Frowning mouth overlay
10. Shocked mouth overlay
11. Smile with no teeth
12. Frown with no teeth
13. Wide open mouth
14. Upset mouth
15. Blushing overlay
16. Upset mouth with the blushing overlay

All 16 images will need to be doubled before using in your game. You can auto crop the facial expression overlay, HOWEVER it is up to you to position them in a way that makes sense! lol!

Example how to use the UI:
For Blinking, make two backgrounds one as the default with the eyes open and another with pasting the eyes closed overlay over the open eyes and save a new background image, then in your start scene method add:

    @sprites["background"] =,0,@viewport)
    @framecount = 0
    @frameskip = rand(3..7)
    @animframe = 0
    pbPlayCry(479,100,100) #plays rotom's cry upon the scene initialization once

and in the code for the draw scene:

    @sprites["background"].setBitmap("Graphics/Pictures/RotomDex/" + (@animframe==0 ? "dexbg": "dexbg_closed"))
    if @framecount>=@frameskip # Time interval to change
        @animframe=(@animframe==1) ? 0 : 1 # secondary variable
        @framecount=0 # reset
        @frameskip = (@animframe==1) ? 7 : rand(30..120) # fixed blinking time, but random time between blinks

and if your screen doesn't animate already, be sure to add
in your loop commands for your scene

for the other expressions you can do a similar treatment given input commands/frame delays and animated bitmaps for their @sprites commands. I've left them as overlays for maximum creative tinkering, so if you want to create multiple backgrounds I gave you all the tools!
Juliorain, Vendily
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