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Multiple Protagonists 1.4

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
Hi everyone, I've made a mostly plug-and-play script that allows you to add up to 8 player characters to your game, each with their own distinct character data, like Pokemon, Bag, money, etc. I've detailed everything I can at the top of the script itself, so if you have any questions then that would be a great place to look first before asking me.

Tested Pokemon Essentials Versions: 17.2, 16.2




If you notice any bugs, please don't hesitate to tell me! I want to make this as bug-free as possible. I hope you find this script useful!
Please credit: NettoHikari
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v1.4 Update

    - Added registering/battling other characters (look in script guide for examples)
  2. v1.3 Patch

    - Fixed vehicle sprites not updating on character switch
  3. v1.2 Patch

    - Fixed game crash on startup due to map name

Latest reviews

Very Easy To use Script and works awsome..from what i've noticed do far.