VS Seeker

VS Seeker 1.0

Pokémon Essentials Version
v16.2 ➖
This script requires my Unlimited Self Switches script to work, you can find it here
Add this script above the main
Add this file into your Audio/SE folder
Add this file into your Graphics/Icons folder. Note that this file should be renamed to the desired item number. The download is currently item526, but you may need to change it to a different number.
You should define the item in your items.txt like this
526,VSSEEKER,VS Seeker,VS Seekers,8,0,"A device that indicates Trainers who want to battle.  The battery charges while traveling.",2,0,6,
Note that, again, 526 is the item ID number, this should just be the next sequential number in your file, and your icon from above should correspond with this number.
Events are a bit complicated, so I've included (will include) a video of full installation and use below:
Update: Animations made by Kiedisticelixer
Download this image and put it in Graphics/Animations
Download this file and put it in your Data folder. It will overwrite your old Animations.rxdata file, so if you made any custom field animations you can put this in a new project and copy the animations over.
mej71 (Script)
Kiedisticelixer (field animation)
JV (trainer modifier)
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