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Rescue Chain 1

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
So, funny thing, I misread a reddit comment describing SOS battles, and came up with this.

As for what this is, it's a script that evolves wild Pokémon if you keep beating up the same evolutionary family.
So, let's say you beat or catch up a bunch of Pidgeys. After a while, Pidgeottos will appear sometimes to fight you. If you keep fighting all of them, Pidgeots will have a small chance to appear as well. If you fight a Rattata in the middle though, the Pidgeottos and Pidgeots will disappear until next time.
These evolved forms will match their requirements, so a Pokémon that evolves through level will be that level plus a bit, meanwhile Pokemon that evolve through items, will just add a bit to the level of the pre-evolved form.

Mind you this script applies to the whole family, so the chain will not break if you fight a Ratticate with Rattatas, and it ignores Trainer battles, Roamers, and the Poke Radar.

Just put it above Main.
Just Me.
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Really unique concept! Easy to setup and works well, too.