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Gen 5 Overworld Pack

Gen 5 Overworld Pack 1.0

This resource pack was created by yours truly. In it you will find most of the Unova OW's you will ever need. Just about every trainer and NPC is included, but there are probably a few I didn't include as they were not as necessary for most projects or I forgot about them. If you have any request I'll gladly add it, or if you find an error then please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can!

What sets this OW pack apart from any other I have ever come across, these OW's are properly aligned and perfectly ready to be used in your fan-games! Many packs I have painstakingly made sure each and every OW is top quality and done perfectly. I have even included a few extras, such as the strength rock and hole, so you can make it work like the official games, and even a custom cut tree I made!

Please give credit if used, it took a lot of work to compile a decent chunk of the Unova Ow's and align them correctly for RMXP use, I really appreciate it!
  • Spriter's Resource - rips of overworld sprites
  • Radical Raptr - compilation and creating RMXP ready spritesheets
Radical Raptr
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Latest reviews

A great resource for overworlds that are often very hard to find!
I used this pack in my game reliccastle.com/bonfire-stories
and it was a HUGE time saver, all the sprite looks great and move smoothly.