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Making wild Pokémon have their Hidden Abilities by percentage

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
Have you ever wanted to make wild Pokémon have their Hidden Ability, but not by event, or adding it in the PBS alongside their normal abilities? To have a smaller chance of finding the ability?
Well, looks like I have the thing for you. It's a really simple code, but it's easy to modify the percentage to make it easier or harder to obtain.

Post the following code at the bottom of PField_EncounterModifiers:
# Make all wild Pokémon have a chance to have their hidden ability.
Events.onWildPokemonCreate+=proc {|sender,e|
   if rand(20) < 1
The way to change the percentage is via the if rand(x) < 1 line. In the above code it makes it so you have a 5% chance of finding a Hidden Ability, because 1/20 is 5%. You could make it < 2 and make it 2/20. It's just a tiny bit of math. Hope this helps some people!
To Scyl and NettoHikari for helping me figure all this out, with a little input from Marin.
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Works well, and works on 16.2. Thanks for the resource Mashi :)