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Using DBMS for PBS files

Using DBMS for PBS file
We all know that every data of Pokemon is in your PBS Files ,but sometimes it creates a great effort to manage all these datas.
so In this tutorial we will know how to reduce its effort . we will also know some data base theory ,so lets get started.

What is DBMS ?
DBMS stands for DataBase Management System,its mainly a software like MS access ,MYSQL,Oracle etc.
it allows us to access,modify,delete,search,query,sort,design and much more.

What you will need?
you will only need a DBMS and its basic knowledge,I will use ms access and i have not tested t in any other DBMS.
if you don't know how to use it ,here are the links

Importing Txt file in MS Acesss
step 1- In external data tab in import & link group you will find Capture.PNG icon click it
step 2- in dialog box just browse to you pbs txt file click next ,according to your format choose the check box,choose your delimiter then just doing next type your field name by select each column ,in next your primary key it's just a unique identification for your data click next and import it .
Now you have created your table ,it will look like this
What are the objects of DBMS?

1.Table which we have just created-contain the actual data
2.Form like pbs editor by marin-makes it easy to enter data
3.Query-search and retrieve specific data
4.Report-display the printed format of the data

now you can create your own other objects like

STEP 1-In the same tab you will find this icon Captureguuu.PNG it will export to txt
step 2- browse you pbs locaton ,it will tell do you want to replace you will click yes and just same step like in importing click next

now , in the folder you can keep like this
once open your required data base in pbs ,edit data and other then export it and replace each time .
and this trick is very useful ,you can use dbms like this to maintain your data.

if you have any question regarding this you can comment me down below.
I don't need any credits for a tutorial.
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