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Droea Explorea Resource Pack

Droea Explorea Resource Pack 1.0

Graphics for Droea Explorea. Feel free to use anything. Just give me credit for anything not listed down below.

Here's the game: https://reliccastle.com/threads/1729/
Lava autotile by Stargazer Sammie, edited by Kaleidophoenix
Ice Tiles by Phyromatical, zetavares852, EVoLiNa, and Alexa 88
Interior Tileset from Spinda94
HGSS Character Sprites ripped by Dragoon, edited by Kaleidophoenix
Underwater Tiles by Kyle-Dove and rayd12smitty
Level Scaling Code by thor348
Player Character Back sprites derived from rips by Solink
Platinum sprites from Spaceemotion
HM Item script by Marin
Dewpider/Araquanid from Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
Gen 7 Abilities from Pokecommunity Thread
Original Primal Groudon by leparagon, edited by Kaleidophoenix
Original Primal Kyogre by trainersplash, edited by Kaleidophoenix
Original Mega Rayquaza by destvol, edited by Kaleidophoenix
Gen 7 icons from TheCraigadile
Steven battle sprite by crueldude100
Party Replacement Script by Jonas930
Dream Capsule by Rot8er ConeX
Base Game from Pokémon Essentials, by Maruno and others
Inspiration from Relic Castle, Thundaga
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