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Pokemon ASCII Art Collection!

Pokemon ASCII Art Collection! 1.0

See the Pokemon Text-Art in action---watch the PokeRAP ASCII Version now!

Pokemon ASCII Art Extended Collection has over 900 Characters in full HD text-art glory!
Plus Bonus Art by MapleRose, the popular PokeWalls designer and DeviantArtist.

025 Pikachu.png

z 150 Mewtwo Armored Alt 1.jpg

View attachment __004 Charizard Family.jpg
ASCII Art Collection: BellBlitzKing
Background Wall Paper Art: MapleRose / PokeWalls
Primary Text-Artist: Maija / DiamonDie

Other ASCII Text-Artists: Agasonex, AnUndesirable, Snowshoerabbit, Creature201, DarkNova, Suicidal Lemmings / Tyrranos, NeoSamus, Train.Board8, Magilla Havoksaus, Ysqure3, Groovilicious, HotDogTurle, MysticFreya, Nemesissy, NTheGreat, Slobr, WorldOfNintendo, Xiffer, Patamon, Oxi and UTF8Art.
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