Gen 3 Sound Effects Replacement Pack

Gen 3 Sound Effects Replacement Pack v1.0

In version 17 of Essentials, various sound effects were swapped out for rips of gen 3 sound effects with unnecessary and inaccurate reverb. This reverb is distracting to players and other developers, thus this pack can be used as a solution.

Simply paste the SE and ME folders into your project's Audio folder, and overwrite the sound effects when prompted to. After that, go through and delete the .ogg audio files if there's a .wav file with the same name. This was originally created for Essentials v17, and you'll likely have to rename the files for versions past this. I put in a couple extra sounds (Door slide, Door slide2, and Sale), which all fan games should ideally have.

I take absolutely no credit in ripping any of these sound effects, that was entirely iteachvader on The Sounds Resource. You can find his submissions here:

You can also find the rest of the Fire Red sound effects here, but be aware: they're unsorted.

It should also be noted that some of the sound effects in this pack may be lower in volume than some other sound effects. I may fix this down the road.

Download: 3 Sound Effects (Essentials v17.2) (v1.0).zip
Please consider crediting the following if used:
  • iteachvader
I do not require credit. You have my permission to modify this resource and or rehost it on other sites/should it go down. I claim no ownership of it.
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