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Dead Ends' BGM Music! 1

So, this is some BGM I've made for projects. Feel free to use them if you want! If anyone wants some music done for a project, just give me a bell and we'll see what we can do! :)

I'll keep this thread updated if/when I release new tunes, and describe the tunes a little bit. They'll all be marked with whatever I think they will be most suitable for, in the file name.

  • Alberti and Rise as just basic "town" themes, and Calm is also, but just a bit more serene. Calm is also in 3/4 just because why not.
  • Canon in B is a Canon, in B. Jokes aside, just another town theme, in a different style.
  • Discord is a melancholy track, maybe a bit dark for most projects, but I'm sure somebody will find a use.
  • Commonwealth is my love letter to the Fallout games, and The Ink Spots.
If you use anything, please credit and link to this page for others! Thanks, Dead Ends
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