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Pokemon ASCII Version: Game, Sounds, Art and Source Code

Pokemon ASCII Version: Game, Sounds, Art and Source Code 1

Pokemon ASCII Version Battle Game: Relive the sights and sounds of First-gen Pokémon in this classic text-based Battle Game! All 151 Pokémon to play, with four Ranks to master!

Download Game & All Bonus Content: goo.gl/fz8FkZ

  • Source Code (C#), so anyone and everyone can to build their own text-based battle games.
  • Over 300 Sound Effects---Gen I to Gen V cries and attack move sound effects!
  • Pokémon ASCII Art Collection, an exclusive master-set of all Pokémon ascii-art through Gen V---you want 18 different Pikachu’s in adorable text-art form? Got it!


Pokemon ASCII Battle Game! Screenshot_1.png

Pokemon ASCII Battle Game! Screenshot_2.png

Pokemon ASCII Battle Game! Screenshot_4.png
Programmer, Designer, Artist: Brandon Bell, BellBlitzKing@gmail.com
ASCII Character Artist: Maija Haavisto (MH), @DiamonDie on Twitter.
All Pokémon, sounds and logos are owned trademarks of Nintendo / GAME FREAK.
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