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JohtoBlaziken's Bootleg Pokémon FireRed

JohtoBlaziken's Bootleg Pokémon FireRed 0.6

Pokémon Essentials Version
v16.2 ➖

- A ROM base without the ROM -

Current release: Demo v0.6

Includes all of Kanto (maps, NPCs, trainers, encounters...), almost all music tracks as looped .oggs, and is mainly lacking polish.

Next up: gym puzzles, finishing cutscenes, miscellaneous polish


Should be able to just open up the RPGXP project file and start working. Maps are organized into three main folders:

(1) Default maps (the maps that came with Essentials 16.2, with no changes)
(2) Kanto (all the Bootleg FireRed maps)
(3) Other (outside Johto, miscellaneous Hoenn/Sinnoh that I did just for fun)


Pokémon FireRed, recreated in Pokémon Essentials:

All maps, all NPCs, all battles, all encounters, all music, which you can use any way you want. Use the power of Pokémon Essentials on a classic Pokémon game!

You can...
- Modify the game in small ways (add Pokémon, add extra things to do, play with the story)
- Modify the game in huge ways (make a completely new game set in Kanto, or maybe add an extra region to FireRed)
- Add Kanto to your own game (an easy way to add extra regions!)
- Use the code as a reference to learn how to do things (Want to know how to set up events/trainers/legendaries? FireRed does it somewhere!)

3rd gen charm with 4th gen style:
FireRed is almost exactly how you remember it. But the battle system/sprites/Pokédex is just like in vanilla Essentials, with crisp sprites.

Ready to change any way you want:
The code will be clearly commented and everything is just like it is in vanilla Essentials. Add all the Pokémon and scripts you want---if you can easily make a change in vanilla Essentials, you can easily make a change here!


151 + 3 catchable Pokémon (also includes up to Gen V, and you can add more yourself):

8 gyms:

4 legends (plus three dogs and possibly Mew):

3 starters:

2 genders:

1 evil team:

- All of mainland Kanto recreated, including all indoor areas/dungeons (no Sevii islands though, since this took long enough)
- Placement of each individual grass tile type matches original game
- Nice-looking, game-accurate exclamation mark animation
- Charizard cry when you press start on title screen
- All NPCs in FireRed/LeafGreen
- All trainers + trainer battles from FireRed/LeafGreen
- All items placed in same places as FireRed/LeafGreen
- All Pokemon encounters in FRLG (where the two had version differences, I did an average of the two)
- All events (cutscenes, rival battles, Oak Pokedex ratings...)
- All FRLG music, in the form of properly looped .ogg files
-1 rival (that you can name!)
- Magikarp weighing minigame faithfully reproduced

- General polishing/looking for errors (this could take a while)
- Some gym puzzles
- Teleporters/gates
- Fixing legendary movesets
- Post-game stuff like National dex and Elite Four rematches
- Adding in special events (Raikou/Entei/Suicune roaming, possibly a Mew event)
- Changing a bunch of battlebacks to match maps
- Giving all locations a place on the town map (about half left)
- Making certain sounds game-accurate (door opening sounds, for example)
- Fixing intro/ending
- Removing extraneous maps/files
- Updating to latest version of Essentials


Non-Kanto maps are included too! That's because this wasn't always just a FireRed remake---it's my personal Essentials file. Most of outside Johto is there, plus miscellaneous Hoenn/Sinnoh maps.

- Pallet Town (+houses, Oak's lab)
- Viridian City (+houses, gym, school, center/mart)
- Pewter City (+houses, museum, gym, center/mart)
- Cerulean City (+houses, gym, bike shop, center/mart)
- Vermilion City (+houses, gym, fan club, S.S. Anne, center/mart)
- Lavender Town (+ houses, Fuji's house, Pokemon Tower, center/mart)
- Celadon City (+houses, Department store, gym, mansion, Game Corner, Rocket Hideout, restaurant, hotel, center/mart)
- Fuchsia City (+houses, gym, Warden's house, Safari Zone, center/mart)
- Saffron City (+houses, gym, dojo, fan club, Silph Co., center/mart)
- Cinnabar Island (+lab, gym, mansion, center/mart)
- Pokemon League
- Route 1
- Route 2 (+house, gate)
- Route 3
- Route 4 (+center)
- Route 5 (+gate, daycare, underground path)
- Route 6 (+gate, underground path)
- Route 7 (+gate, underground path)
- Route 8 (+gate, underground path)
- Route 9
- Route 10 (+center)
- Route 11 (+gate)
- Route 12 (+gate, guru house)
- Route 13
- Route 14
- Route 15 (+gate)
- Route 16 (+gate, celeb house)
- Route 17
- Route 18 (+gate)
- Route 19
- Route 20
- Route 21
- Route 22 (+league front gate)
- Route 23
- Route 24
- Route 25 (+Bill's house)
- Viridian Forest (main + intro/exit gate)
- Mt. Moon (3 floors)
- Diglett's cave (main floor + 2 entrances)
- S.S. Anne (4 floors, many rooms, deck, dock, dining hall, captain's room...)
- Rock Tunnel (2 floors)
- Rocket Hideout (4 floors + elevator)
- Pokemon tower (7 floors)
- Safari zone (4 zones + houses)
- Silph Co (11 floors + elevator)
- Pokemon mansion (4 floors)
- Power plant
- Seafoam islands (5 floors)
- Victory road (3 floors)
- Cerulean cave (3 floors)
- Four Island

- New Bark Town
- Cherrygrove City
- Violet City
- Azalea Town
- Goldenrod City
- Ecruteak City
- Olivine City
- Cianwood City
- Mahogany Town
- Blackthorn City
- Route 26
- Route 27
- Route 28
- Route 29
- Route 30
- Route 31
- Route 32
- Route 33
- Route 34
- Route 35
- Route 36
- Route 37
- Route 38
- Route 39
- Route 40
- Route 41
- Route 42
- Route 43
- Route 44
- Route 45
- Route 46

Hoenn: (many of these based on maps from Curtis region starter kit)
- Littleroot Town (+houses, lab)
- Oldale Town (+houses, center/mart)
- Petalburg City (+houses, center/mart) [no gym]
- Dewford Town (+ houses) [no gym]
- Slateport City (+ harbor)
- Mauville City
- Verdanturf Town
- Lavaridge Town
- Fortree City
- Mossdeep City
- Pacifidlog Town
- Ever Grande City (+ all rooms and elite four)
- Route 101
- Route 102
- Route 103
- Route 104
- Route 105
- Route 106
- Route 107
- Route 108
- Route 109
- Route 110
- Petalburg Woods
- Rusturf Tunnel
- Granite Cave (4 floors)

- Twinleaf Town
- Sandgem Town
- partial Veilstone
- partial Snowpoint



I've been working on this on and off (mostly off) since quite a long time ago, when I first found Essentials. I dreamed, like a lot of people, of making a Pokemon game with all regions---or at least lots of content from my favorites! A lot has changed since then, but I still hope that this remake of FireRed will be useful to others getting into Essentials and learning how to make their own games.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for reasonable features (but not add another region or make major changes to stuff). I probably won't add the Sevii Islands or Gen VI/VII, since those are major additions that will take some time to implement.

Please credit JohtoBlaziken if used.

Also credit:

Pokemon Essentials - Mainly Maruno (with the help of volunteers for things like All Animations), plus older work of Flameguru, Poccils
Spriters Resource - lots of sprites that weren't in vanilla Essentials
Nuri Yuri for RGSS FmodEx extension that allows looping .oggs
FL for diploma and Pokemon picture scripts
KleinStudio for footprints script and fly animation script
Desbrina and dbzfanatic for adding ghosts tutorial
Franzo for changing wild Pokemon moveset code snippet
Gamer2020 for Pokemon Game Editor (most user-friendly package of GBA Pokemon ROM hacking tools)
LU-HO Poke for Advance Map (best GBA Pokemon map editor, which I needed to extract map and event info)
HackMew for creating XSE (best GBA Pokemon scripting language)
diegoisawesome for lots of detailed offset knowledge
Everyone who's contributed to Visual Boy Advance, a lovely GBA emulator
Dreadwing93 for beautiful 80x80 Gen V Pokemon backsprites
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