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Essentials PBS Editor v2 v2.0

The main reason I chose to make this a separate resource was so v1 could live on as is; it's not cancelled or unusable, just unsupported for the time being.

Why is this better than version 1?
  • Way faster. Loading and saving is 10x as fast as it was originally due to more efficient management.
  • Nothing is hardcoded. You can change properties such as gender ratios, growth rates, egg groups, color, evolution methods, habitats, and more.
  • Find values and properties with one press of a button, or with the Ctrl + F shortcut.
  • Test out your PBS by clicking the Test-compile option. This will go through all your species, items, moves, forms, and see if their properties are valid. This isn't that thorough of a test, but will catch the majority of crucial typo's and bugs. You can see all warnings in a "log".
  • Sort all your lists. Even those in dropdown menu's.

Planned features / Features in progress:
  • Undo/Redo
  • Activity Log
  • Editors for the remaining PBS files
  • Import functionality for the editors
  • A built-in updater
  • And a whole bunch more.
Motivation to work on this has been rough, but I think I managed to get this into a usable state. Depending how this is received, that'll say something about how motivated I am to continue working on this, probably.


The download (see button at the top for a link) will be a ZIP file with ONE folder inside it. Copy that one folder over to the root folder, so that you have a folder called "PBS Editor" next to "Audio", "PBS", "Graphics", etc.
(It doesn't matter what the folder itself is called, as long as it is inside it)
If you installed it incorrectly, you will get a MESSAGE that says so. Because I know the vast majority of all users will still manage to fuck this up.

To run the program, run PBS Editor.exe inside the PBS Editor folder.
Because I know someone'll manage to fuck this up too, NO, you CANNOT run this from the ZIP itself.

I could write another 20k character-long bit of documentation, but really, nobody ever reads that. It's a waste of my time and your time.
I don't think it's necessary though. Everything should be pretty self-explanatory so far. If I do add some weird or complex features later on, I'll make sure to document them here.
  • Marin

And a special thanks to the beta testers:
  • Jephed
  • Snewper
  • Arma
  • chase
  • Dechozen101
  • frog wizard
  • Mashirosakura
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Sometimes new isn't better, especially when many of the great features are taken out. The inability to import sprites into your game with this engine was the biggest issue for me, since I have to re-import new battle and menu sprites along with gen 7 cries for my game. Besides the removal of the Ability, trainer, TM, and encounter editors, I have also had problems with the move editor. Whenever I add or edit a move's type, it gives me the windows alert/error sound and doesn't save the change when I click on another move. Other than that error and the removed features, the engine was really awesome using.
I've mentioned multiple times that this is far from finished. Nothing was taken out, they simply aren't implemented yet. When that'll happen I don't know yet.
It's a lot more efficient than typing in the PBS files!
Pretty simple to use and works well. Can wait for future updates