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Atomic Reactor's HD Tiles and Characters

Atomic Reactor's HD Tiles and Characters 2018-03-05

These are resources I made while working on Kanto Stories. The goal was to double the resolution to get more out of RMXP's graphic limitations. I was able to map up to Pewter City, so it was a pretty decent start to a tile set. I hope these help those of you trying to pull of an HD project! Good luck!
Check Credits file in folder for more details.

Atomic Reactor
LT Serra
Atomic Reactor
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Latest reviews

Amazing tileset! The detail is incredible. Are you thinking of releasing any autotiles (particularly water)? Feels like it's the only thing missing from being able to create an amazing map. Thanks for making these public!
Vary good tile set dude. and also the walking pokemon vary good and I thought the same thing too on the walking pokemon