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Pokémon Pokéathlon Stats 1.0

Pokémon Essentials Version
Ever wanted to make a Pokéathlon fan game? No, just me? Anyway, to do that, you'll probably need some athletic stats for that, which can be found on Bulbapedia . . . or here, if you don't feel like formatting them yourself.

The data is arranged in each line like so:

Number,Pokémon Name (to differentiate between forms),Speed,Power,Skill,Stamina,Jump

CSV is easy but if you don't know how to use it:
  1. Read a line from the text file
  2. Split the string around the "," (comma) character

Note that this currently only deals in Gens 1..4 Pokémon. At a later date I'll do a little bit of math and figure out how many stars the Gens 5..7 Pokémon would probably have, if the Pokéathlon had existed later.
(all I did was paste them into Microsoft Excel and get rid of the extra characters lol)
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