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Boss HAs: Life Force + Carnage Wings (Xerneas + Yveltal)

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
Here are a couple of abilities that I have worked on and tested back in v16.2 Essentials; currently untested with v17.2 Essentials, but it should work unless otherwise reported. Simply put them in the script section PokeBattle_Battle. Locations vary within the script depending on which ability you're dealing with.

Life Force (AKA "Natural" Leftovers) - Find the following in PokeBattle_Battle:
#Held Berries/Leftovers/Black Sludge

Place this directly above it:
#Life Force
next if i.isFainted?
if i.hasWorkingAbility(:LIFEFORCE)
PBDebug.log("[Ability triggered] #{i.pbThis}'s Life Force")
pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s Life Force restored a little HP!",i.pbThis)) if hpgain>0​

Carnage Wings (AKA Speed Boost for Sp.Atk) - Find the following in PokeBattle_Battle:
# Bad Dreams

Place this directly above it:
#Carnage Wings
next if i.isFainted?
if i.turncount>0 && i.hasWorkingAbility(:CARNAGEWINGS)
if i.pbIncreaseStatWithCause(PBStats::SPATK,1,i,PBAbilities.getName(i.ability))
PBDebug.log("[Ability triggered] #{i.pbThis}'s #{PBAbilities.getName(i.ability)}")​

These abilities are intended for use with Xeneas and Yveltal as their hidden "boss" abilities (ability 2-5); do not set them in the natural ability slot (ability 0-1), as they would be obtainable, which can break your game's challenge.

You may modify these scripts in the event you want to make your own abilities/modified versions. Just credit back to me!
Snewper - Life Force/Carnage Wings Script
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