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PBS Shape Appender Program v2

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
There's a very good chance you've seen an error like this one before.

This error indicates that you're using old Pokémon PBS.

Pokémon Essentials v17 adds a new property that all your Pokémon entries have to have; Shape. This is used as a "search option" by the Pokédex.

Since manually adding all these Shape fields is super tedious, and some people don't even know what this error means, I've written a very little program that adds an appropriate Shape fields to the appropriate Pokémon.

There's a file called template.txt which contains the internal names of the Pokémon and which Shape value they should get. This works for all species from generation 1 to generation 7, species 1 through 802. I have not made this closed-source as perhaps it could be useful to expand this. So yes, this does mean you can add, remove, or change values.

The program is a stand-alone. As long as you never separate it from template.txt, it can be run from anywhere and everywhere. You are prompted to pick a file manually, it does not detect it.
  • Marin
  • Mashirosakura (List of gen 6 & 7 shapes)
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