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Overworld Shadows for v17

Overworld Shadows for v17

Pokémon Essentials Version
v17.2 ✅
This resource can be installed via the Universal Plugin Installer.

You've probably heard of KleinStudio's overworld shadow script before; a lot of fangames use it, after all. It's apparently incompatible with Essentials v17, so I thought I'd give my own take on it.

It is semi-compatible with Essentials v16. It will not crash, but due to the way viewports are handled, shadows will appear on top of events rather than underneath. That makes it pretty worthless, and thus I wouldn't say it's compatible. If you want overworld shadows for v16, use KleinStudio's.

If you choose not to use the Universal Plugin Installer, you may also paste this script in a new section above Main (Make sure to place this script UNDERNEATH your Following Pokémon script, if you have that!):
Overworld Shadows

You will also need this sprite:

- Blacklisting events from receiving shadows
- Whitelisting events to always receive shadows
- A scaling animation when an event jumps

Shadow_Path is the path to the shadow graphic. You can change this sprite, though you may need to fiddle with positioning of the sprite in relation to the event after, though. That's done in "def position_shadow". As the name literally says, if an event's name includes any of the strings in "No_Shadow_If_Event_Name_Has", it won't get a shadow, UNLESS the event's
name also includes any of the strings in "Always_Give_Shadow_If_Event_Name_Has". This is essentially "overriding".

Case_Sensitive is either true or false. It's used when determing if an event's name includes a string in the "No_Shadow" and "Always_Give" arrays.

If true, it must match all strings with capitals exactly as well. If false, capitals don't need to match up.
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Fantastic little script to add a layer of depth to your games' maps. Works seamlessly and the height-change while jumping looks class.
Quick and easy to install and use! Looks great in my game :)