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Other Pokéballs

Other Pokéballs Jan-17-2018

I added in Anime exclusive Pokéballs from the original series.

  • annies and oakleys pokéballs, from the 5th pokémon movie.
  • clone pokéball, from the 1st pokémon movie.
  • crystal pokéball, from the 3rd pokémon movie.
  • dark pokéball, from the 4th pokémon movie.
  • a diamond covered pokéball, from the episode"Go West Young Meowth"
  • fishing pokéball, from the episode "A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!"
  • green pokéball, a mysterious pokéball seen several times in the pokémon franchise.
  • gs pokéball, was given to ash from professor ivy, so that ash can give it to professor oak.
  • lake pokéball, from the episode "Hook, Line, and Stinker"
  • team rocket pokéballs, from the 1st pokémon movie.
(changed both park and timer ball)